The company "Hunter Safes" has been on the Polish market since 1998. Initially we adopted the name "Oddyniec" and at the beginning of our activity we dealt with supplying the Dutch hunting market and simultaneous import of hunting accessories for Polish customers. In order to broaden our offer we introduced new products to the market. Our inventory includes gun cabinets, cabinets for ammunition, documents, cash, jewelry and other valuables.

Currently, Hunter Safes is promoting the Manufaktura Safes brand.


What do we offer?


Modern technologies and experience have allowed us to create a range of gun cabinets for size and configuration needs. We have a whole range of different types of gun cabinets in our offer. We also provide comprehensive services related to the purchase of our products. We provide professional advice, sales, transport, assembly and service.


What is it worth knowning about us?


  • All our products are certified according to Polish standards;
  • We give 2 years guarantee on all our manufactured products: gun cabinets, cabinets for documents, ammunition, cash, laptops;
  • Each order is executed with the greatest care, so the delivery time is up to 3 weeks;
  • We have the largest display of cabinets with unusual configurations, giving our customers the opportunity to see the cabinet in person;
  • We are the only manufactory in the country and we are able to realize our own ideas;
  • Also, we offer transport to the designated address and assembly of the purchased cabinet.


What are we different from other producers: "Novcan," "Kamet," "Konsmetal," or "Marszał"?


We are manufactory producing in particular gun cabinets. The main idea of ​​our company is the realisation of individual and unusual orders. We do not deal with mass production. Every order we come up with great accuracy and precision, taking into account every detail. Each gun cabinet and other products are made from the highest quality materials that provide exceptional durability and reliability.